Virgo UAP Kafnorm Syrup || Quick Relief from Cough


  • Effectively controls the productive as well as dry cough.
  •  Reduces the inflammation and infection of the respiratory tract.
  •  Soothes the respiratory mucosa and reduces irritation.
  •  Clears the obstruction, makes expectoration easy and induces a sense of wellbeing.
  •  Tones up the lung and keeps them healthy for long and easy breath.
  •  Non-sedative, well-tolerated, and safe for all age groups.
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KAFNORM is the combination of Bronchodilator, expectorant, and mucolytic herbs. KAFNORM is very effective to treat all types of cough conditions.


  •  Dry Cough
  •  Productive Cough
  •  Infective Cough
  •  Whooping Cough
  •  Cough of TB
  •  Bronchial Asthma
Available in

Pack of 100ml, Pack of 200ml

- Read the label carefully before use
- Do not exceed the recommended dose
- Keep out of the reach and sight of children
- Use under medical supervision


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